Our Mission

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How Planting the Seed Works

We support some incredible people!

Planting the Seed Foundation is a 100% volunteer, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless children and their families in Worcester, Massachusetts and surrounding towns.

The citizens of Worcester, MA are proud of their city and its achievements. Most importantly, Worcester knows how to take care of its own.

Each year, Planting the Seed Foundation is blessed with the support of thousands of Worcester's most dedicated and caring citizens. These special people are the reason why Planting the Seed Foundation is able to help so many of Worcester's less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Planting the Seed Foundation's mission is simple in description but challenging none the less. But, working together with our friends and our fellow citizens of this great city, Planting the Seed Foundation can help make the lives of those children and families around us just a little bit easier.

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